Wednesday 13 September '17

Management Assistent

Vacature Stal de Pluum

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Friday 28 July '17

Sad news

Laurettie suddenly past away

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Monday 13 March '17


Great success for Corneel

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Stal de Pluum
Camphuysenweg 2
7039 CK Stokkum
tel.: +31 (0) 6 20361545
fax.: +31 314 682008
KvK.: 56079125


De Lindehoeve

The rearing of the horses from stable de Pluum is taking place over here.

Our horses may traditional enjoy the grass and grow up together till they are three years old. Christian Keizer and his family are taking care perfectly of our horses in this time. When the horses are three years old they are coming back to Stable de Pluum.    

HGD Team

HGD-Team offers you:

Sporthorses, beside these horses he has also trailers, trucks and barrier material.

Natalie Kohlmunzerova
Natalie Kohlmunzerova

Natalie Kohlmunzerova from Brno in the Czech Republic is the official representative of our stable. Some years ago she has worked at our stable in The Netherlands, so she knows the quality of our horses. In the Czech Republic Natalie have a approved stallion Ramesse (Rilke x Democraat, bred bij Stal de Pluum). Besides her love for horses, she makes great horse portraits. 0042-0774740348

William en Claudia van Ravesteijn
William en Claudia van Ravesteijn

William & Claudia van Ravesteijn from Switzerland are the official representatives of our stable.

William en Claudia van Ravesteijn

Utzigenboden 175

3068 Utzigen


Tel: +41 (0)79 6292748 (Claudia)
Tel: +41 (0)78 7939814 (William)


Team Zell

For years there is a pleasant cooperation with Team Zell. Carolin Zell and our mare Suhreste were 1.55m jumping with lot of good results.

At the moment Carolin is preparing the talented mare Wundella for a career in show jumping.