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Wednesday 18 May '16

Colt by Elkara

Beautiful foal from Elkara and Like Angel

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Monday 25 April '16

First foal is born

Cultimus gave birth to a beautiful filly (Ludwigs As)

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Friday 19 February '16


International jumping horse Corbusier

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Stal de Pluum
Camphuysenweg 2
7039 CK Stokkum
tel.: +31 (0) 6 20361545
fax.: +31 314 682008
KvK.: 56079125


Stal de Pluum is located in Stokkum, in the beautiful 'Montferland'. The landscape is characterized by hills and forests. In this beautiful area, near the border with Germany and near to the mill,  are our foals born and our breeding trained.

For over 50 years the address for quality horses, Friesian horses and sport ponies directly from the breeder!

On this website you can see a small selection of our horses. Is the horse where you are looking for not in the list?  Please let us know, we will help you with the search for your ideal horse.